Avocado Toast Review

Written by Olivia Umstead

Icicles, the extremely popular Thai rolled ice cream shop in Downtown San Mateo, had a swarm of buzzing customers that appeared to be never ending, yet the dimly lit shop right next door Avocado Toast, clearly containing every millenial’s favorite food, was surprisingly vacant. My friend and I were starving so we decided to skip the line and headed to eat some avocado toast. I had never had this before, much to the shock and horror of my friend Juli, who said I should not be allowed to live in California–the holy grail of avocados–until I do. She is a vegan, so she ordered the plain avocado toast with no toppings, but I, feeling carnivorous, ordered the salmon avocado toast–although fish technically is not a meat, this satisfied my craving. When the toast came, it was wrapped in foil, which I did not expect. My friend did not like hers as much as she had hoped, because it was covered in a red spicy topping, which she resorted to scraping off. However, I really enjoyed my toast, and was pleasantly surprised about the new fad sweeping millennial cuisine. We also were both pleasantly surprised by the options for meal add ons, which were a little strange, yet interesting. For example, at most delis or sandwich shops there is a range of chips and sodas to accompany the entree, however, at Avocado Toast, those were mixed in with hummus packs, home made cookies, (which the owners generously gave us for free) and even protein shakes, which I ended up drinking. Atmosphere-wise, the restaurant was dimly lit and did not have much seating, and there was a strange buzzing sound ominously looming over the entire dining experience, most likely from the heater or lighting. This may have put a damper on most people’s dining experience, and coupled with the fact that we were the only two in the restaurant the entire time, it could have made people not want to go in. The overall emptiness of the restaurant did not bother me, because I had company, but if you’re looking for a more active place, this isn’t the place for you. However, if you know what you like, and you have a strong craving for avocado toast, I recommend you go here. I would rate Avocado Toast four out of five stars.