Asian Trivia Team Wins Tournament

Written by Ben Liao

The six-man Asian Trivia Team went to the Skylink Bay Area Asian Quiz tournament on October 7th. After winning the regional tournament in September, the Hillsdale team steamrolled the rest of the competition at the finals and finished in first place!The team has been around since the end of the second semester of the 2016-17 school year. They found out about this competition around the time of their formation as well. However, they only really started practicing for preparing for the competition a couple weeks into this school year, with weekly meetings in Mr. Stalling’s room where they would drill on questions while eating lunch. Isaac Mao, a junior on the team, described the process. “We had this study guide”, and then when they went in to study, “Mr. Stallings would ask us random questions related in some way to the topics on the study guide.” There were four major topics: Asian tradition, history, art, and people. At the qualifying regional competition, Mao says the team was “nervous, and we didn’t know what to expect.” There was also a member of an opponent team “who was really good.” But, after winning the regional tournament, the team felt much more comfortable going into the finals. “We won a whole lot easier than we thought we would,” said Mao. Once again, congratulations to the Hillsdale Asian Trivia Team.